Monthly Archive: January, 2014

The Where: Feeder Placement – Oh, Decisions, Decisions

Where to hang your feeder? A feeder may be found sooner by the hummingbirds if hung over, or near, a garden of hummingbird plants. However, my feeder is about 6 feet from a… Continue reading

The What: Hummingbird Feeders

The most important criteria when selecting a feeder are that it be easy to clean and easy to fill. Feeders should come apart so that all parts are open and available for cleaning.… Continue reading

Sipping On That Sweet Nectar

Put out a feeder and they will come.  Hummingbirds remember a reliable food source—even from year to year.   That results in having some very loyal returning pollinators.  And, who doesn’t love the beauty… Continue reading

Let’s Not Forget Potato Onions and Other Multipliers

While the Egyptian Walking Onion brings pizzazz to a landscape, its “cousins” should not be forgotten.  They may not be as interesting to look at, but they are just as easy to grow… Continue reading

The Fine Print: Where to Find Egyptian Walking Onions

Because this onion isn’t commonly found in most gardens, you might not find these at your local nursery.  So, here are some online nurseries/seed catalogues that sell EWO: Local Harvest, Santa Cruz, CA… Continue reading

Diggin’ In the Cold Ground: Planting and Growing Egyptian Walking Onions

An Egyptian Walking Onion topset looks like, and essentially is, a miniature onion.  Topsets produced by these plants are generally smaller than the ordinary annual garden-variety onion sets.  They range in size from… Continue reading