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Grow Poll Results

  What’s your favorite food to grow in your garden? The results are in:  No.1 – tomatoes; No. 2 – beans/peas; and No. 3 – squash.  Surprisingly, beets came in 4th ahead of… Continue reading

For the Chill of It: Harvesting Pears

This is my first year harvesting Bartlett pears. I’ve grown pears before, when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, but focused only on Asian pears. I did have a Bartlett tree for pollination… Continue reading

September’s/October’s DWV

The Word is: Transition.  ( tranˈziSHən,-ˈsiSHən)/noun.  a. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another: change; b:  a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to… Continue reading

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    All of those tomatoes made only this much sauce. Definitely a #laboroflove❤️ What a difference two days makes. #soRed Its the end of October and my tomatoes are still coming in. #ripening It's back! Last year's tomato plant volunteered this year into another big bush. #attackofthekillertomatoes Let the canning games begin #therealsummerolympics Playing a little "duck, duck, goose" #fowlgames California natives take their rightful place in many beautiful landscaped yards. #everything_old_is_new_again I picked a few tomatoes today. I think it's time to can. #tomato_invasion Hummingbird nest among the lights.  Nature + urban industrial design. #über_adapter #master_of_disguise.
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