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Transitions: Saying Goodbye to My Summer Garden

The garden is beginning its transition. Tomato production is coming to an end; the Italian Heirloom and Juane Negib varieties purchased at the CCMG Annual Tomato Sale are spent, leaving only the Stupice… Continue reading

The Thistles Are Bustin’ Out!

  Lovely Violetta Artichokes planted in early spring are beginning to produce.  I purchased two plants; planted one in the ground and one in a large planter.  The one in the planter stayed… Continue reading

The Artichoke: Such a Drama Queen

Artichoke’s silvery arching leaves, up to 4 feet tall and wide, are very dramatic. If you don’t want to harvest them, or you leave some buds on the plant, the unharvested buds open… Continue reading

Just The Deets, Please: Growing Artichokes and Varieties

Artichokes need mild winters and summers.  They thrive in coastal gardens, particularly in central California ― the epicenter of Western artichoke culture ― where they grow into leafy mounds 5 feet tall.  (In… Continue reading

A Thistle by Any Other Name is. . . Well. . . an Artichoke

The artichoke is actually a thistle. It grows on a sturdy stem amid deeply cut, silver-green leaves that arch gracefully to give the plant a fountain-like appearance. They open into sumptuous, purple thistle… Continue reading