I woke up this morning to rain. What a welcomed sight. And smell. And feel (yep, I went out into the rain). The drought here in California continues. But for these few hours at least, the… Continue reading

Grow Poll Results

  What’s your favorite food to grow in your garden? The results are in:  No.1 – tomatoes; No. 2 – beans/peas; and No. 3 – squash.  Surprisingly, beets came in 4th ahead of… Continue reading

For the Chill of It: Harvesting Pears

This is my first year harvesting Bartlett pears. I’ve grown pears before, when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, but focused only on Asian pears. I did have a Bartlett tree for pollination… Continue reading

September’s/October’s DWV

The Word is: Transition.  ( tranˈziSHən,-ˈsiSHən)/noun.  a. the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another: change; b:  a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to… Continue reading

Transitions: Saying Goodbye to My Summer Garden

The garden is beginning its transition. Tomato production is coming to an end; the Italian Heirloom and Juane Negib varieties purchased at the CCMG Annual Tomato Sale are spent, leaving only the Stupice… Continue reading

More on Soil Solarization: How to Kill Those Germs

Instead of “reinventing the wheel”,  I am going to list the steps to follow in order to solarize your soil.  At the end of this post, you will find links to two very… Continue reading

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    All of those tomatoes made only this much sauce. Definitely a #laboroflove❤️ What a difference two days makes. #soRed Its the end of October and my tomatoes are still coming in. #ripening It's back! Last year's tomato plant volunteered this year into another big bush. #attackofthekillertomatoes Let the canning games begin #therealsummerolympics Playing a little "duck, duck, goose" #fowlgames California natives take their rightful place in many beautiful landscaped yards. #everything_old_is_new_again I picked a few tomatoes today. I think it's time to can. #tomato_invasion Hummingbird nest among the lights.  Nature + urban industrial design. #über_adapter #master_of_disguise.
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