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Here’s to Being a Lazy Gardener: Companion Planting in the Bigger Picture

The days are getting warmer where I live.  I’m antsy to start planting, but the nighttime temperatures aren’t quite warm enough yet.  In the meantime, I’ve been plotting out my garden on a… Continue reading

Not In It To Win It: The Good Sportsmanship Award Goes To. . .

I started playing golf when I was 7 years old.  I began hitting away on a 4-hole course, advanced to 9-holes, and eventually played rounds of 18.  I played most of the year,… Continue reading

February Wind-Down

With the recent rains in Northern California and along the west coast, I’ve found myself daydreaming about having plenty of water to irrigate my fruit trees, plants and vegetable garden, and enjoying an… Continue reading

Can I have a Glass of Water? Please, Please, Pretty Please? No. Now Go to Bed: Tough Love for Your Plants

There is an emotional connection to our plants.  We plant them, feed them, water them, clean-up after them and worry about their growth and development – sometimes it seems a lot like what… Continue reading

And Then There’s The Rest: More Watering Hierarchy

There is some debate over what to water next after the Tree. I think that ultimately, it depends on whether your focus is on food crops or on the landscape, the ease of replacement,… Continue reading

Let’s Not Forget Potato Onions and Other Multipliers

While the Egyptian Walking Onion brings pizzazz to a landscape, its “cousins” should not be forgotten.  They may not be as interesting to look at, but they are just as easy to grow… Continue reading