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Pin-Up Girls: Blue Orchard Bees

These pretty girls are great pollinators. In recent years, the blue orchard bee (BOB) has become established as an alternative orchard pollinator in North America. With a strong preference for fruit trees, BOBs… Continue reading

Form Meets Function

I first  came across Terra Trellis at the Dwell Home Show in LA a few years back.  Since then, I’ve browsed their website on a regular basis to see what new offerings they… Continue reading

Come Hither: Attracting Bees into Your Garden

Bringing Bees into your yard is as simple as planting some perennials around your yard.  Below is a listing of plants to encourage bees to come and stay:

To Bee or Not To Bee: Keeping Bees in the Garden

One of the recent issues of urban/suburban gardening is the declining population of pollinators such as birds, bees and other insects.  While we spray pesticides to get rid of insects we consider pests,… Continue reading

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

If you’re thinking about keeping solitary bees in your garden, consider Hornfaced Bees. They may not be as pretty as their counterparts, but they are sweet and get the job done. Hornfaced bees… Continue reading

Oh My, Such A Cute Couple: Lavender and Bees Make a Perfect Match

A simple way to bring pollinators into your garden is to plant Lavender. Bees L-O-V-E Lavender.  It’s a fact. A recent two-year study found that Lavender is among the top flowers most attractive to bees.… Continue reading