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Getting’ Your Pollination On

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even Syrphids do it. They all do it. They all pollinate. You would think that with so many pollinators around, it would be easy to grow squash and… Continue reading

Sexing Squash (no mood music required)

A common complaint I’ve heard among gardeners is that although their squash flowered, the blooms eventually fell off without setting any fruit. One of the reasons for this occurrence is that the blossoms… Continue reading

Pin-Up Girls: Blue Orchard Bees

These pretty girls are great pollinators. In recent years, the blue orchard bee (BOB) has become established as an alternative orchard pollinator in North America. With a strong preference for fruit trees, BOBs… Continue reading

December Wind-Down (Re-Post)

Before I move on to next month’s dirty word, I wanted to leave you with a few points to ponder. December was dedicated to pollinators; first, the bees, and now the hummingbirds, because… Continue reading

The When: Hummingbird Feeding Times

Let’s get straight to the point; here are the feeding guidelines: When to Put Out The Hummingbird Feeder.  Northeastern and Central United States and Canada – April or May; Southeastern United States –… Continue reading

The How: Hummer Feeding

First, the No-No’s Never add red food color to sugar water Never use commercial mixes that have red dyes. Nectar in flowers is clear, and red food coloring may be harmful for hummingbirds.… Continue reading